The Pie of Life

YD_PieChartI recently attended a seminar called:  “Managing Emotions under Pressure,” put on by Career Track.  The presenter grabbed my attention when she began to talk about life being like a pie.  Since I really like pie, I listened more intently.  She cut the pie into 8 sections and labeled each section with a part of our life.   (See the diagram)  Then she asked us to prioritize our sections beginning with the most important and on down.  I thought, I can do this and have done a similar exercise in the past.  But, the twist came when she asked us to rate our happiness in each area.  This helped me see that some of my priorities in life are unhappy.  Conflict!  What do I do?  How can I change all the areas with lower “Happiness ratings?”  This stresses me out just thinking about it.  Until…

Solution…Take one area of your life and bump up the happiness quotient.   I can do this…So, I committed to journaling for 10 minutes per day.  I express my thoughts openly and honestly and will burn these journals at the end of the year.

So, what does your Pie of Life look like?  Priorities?  Happiness Ratings?

Take one area and do one thing.  Enjoy the journey!

Penny S. Williams, Youth Development Coordinator

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