Leveled Literacy Intervention

FounPinnFountas and Pinnell are making resources for Leveled Literacy Intervention more accessible to teachers by allowing teachers to gain online access for each system. Go to Heinemann.com, under Fountas and Pinnell, where you will find a tab labeled “New F & P Online Resources”. When you go under this tab, you will register under first time user. However, you will not have a product code for K-2 systems. So, you need fill out this form first. Once you have the product code, you will then be able to register for online access to all the lesson resources K-2.

As for Grade 3 Leveled Literacy Intervention teachers, Fountas and Pinnell are no longer sending cd’s in the system for lesson resources or data management, but you can access both online using the product codes inside you technology packet. I believe that this online access will better support teachers as they implement this intervention program. This will also help when there may be a product update or corrections needed. Already, teachers are finding better success with this online resource.


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