Thank You!

ThanksAs another school year comes to a close, we’d like to thank everyone who successfully fostered an engaging learning environment for all at-risk literacy students and those who  invested in building capacity for change.  This year’s layers of professional development for teachers included, but were not limited to, whole-group learning sessions, small-group cluster sessions, and one-to-one feedback sessions.  Every learning session was facilitated by a reading interventionist of the OCM’s Literacy Department.  

During our school visits, it was apparent that all educators involved in our learning sessions used and applied their newest understandings in their teaching practice.  Kudos to all for your dedicated commitment to your lifelong learning role and to your students’ achievements.

It is necessary that the districts’ most important people be singled out for recognition: the students.  Their confidence, literacy ability, and classroom performance drastically increased as they engaged in a positive, active learning environment.  In a safe learning environment, these students put forth effort and used their literacy knowledge when learning opportunities were presented.  Students’ developed problem-solving mindsets, acquired a love for reading, and strengthened writing strategies.  Additionally, teachers enthusiastically shared their students most rewarding accomplishments: increased text reading levels.

John Dewey stated, “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.”  We nurtured the teachers and engaged in effective learning environments through extensive professional development sessions and increased collaboration.  Teachers learned how  to support the hardest to reach at-risk literacy students more effectively.  Together, both teachers and students grew.  Even the facilitators’ knowledge expanded to new heights!

Thank you to everyone involved, including district leaders, administrators, teachers, and community members who believe in supporting educators with continuous professional development!  We look forward to implementing our 21st year of Reading Recovery® and our 5th year of LLI.  You have our appreciation!

Frances Malavé

Lisa Schlegel

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