Project-Based Learning: Summertime is a Great Time to Reflect

ThinkerWe have been taught the importance of having children have an opportunity to reflect on learning at the end of a lesson or unit.  This is also true for project-based learning teachers.  After all the planning, management and implementation of the project, the teacher most likely made time to have students reflect and evaluate their teamwork and collaboration, their 21st Century Skills, and the over-all project using various rubrics for self-reflection.  As important as it is for student not to skip this very important aspect of project-based learning, so too is it important for the teacher not to skip the “Teacher’s Post-Project Review” (See the Buck Institute’s books:  PBL in the Elementary Grades pp. 144-145 and PBL Starter Kit for MS/HS pp. 134-135).

It is so important to take the time to reflect what went well and what needs refinement for next year.  Being reflective of how engaged your students were during the project, the results of their learning, the quality of your rubrics, the effectiveness of your entry event and how well was your management will give you the feedback to make the necessary changes to take your project to higher levels next year.  It will also provide you the feedback needed to develop new projects you may be working on over the summer.  I encourage you to take the time over the summer to reflect on the project(s) you did this past year and strive for continual growth as a PBL teacher.

Post-Project Reflection Resources:

Shaw_PatrickPatrick Shaw
Staff Development Specialist
Twitter: @pshaw63

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