Get Creative

ScienceClassThere is always talk nowadays about making our children more creative to prepare for the jobs for the 21st century. The word “creativity” is used a lot, but do we really know and understand the true definition of it?  I think most of us know creativity when we see it.  We also have to admit that everyone, (maybe almost everyone) has some type of creative side.

Believe it or not creativity is the secret ingredient to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). While most scientists and engineers might be hesitant to admit that, and to accept the concept of STEAM (where A is for Art), it appears that the best of the best are the most creative.

So how do we make our children more creative?  Ainissa Ramirez, a former engineering professor at Yale University (among other things) suggest that play is very important for productive thought.   She suggests that playing with ideas increases learning. We must encourage playing with concepts to nurture creativity in students.

She suggests showing the material you are discussing in far-out ways.  Dr. Ramirez tells us to compare the content to a sport, an event or a celebrity.   If you continue to play with these concepts, you are providing several ways for your students to understand and grasp the topics.  You also provide a variety of ways to engage your students.

STEM provides a great arena for students to get creative in.  There are so many opportunities to present a variety of information to our STEM students.  We just need to get, well………….creative!

Corcoran_Dana_WEBDana A. Corcoran
Science Coordinator

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