I Live by These Three Principles…

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Have you ever read a book where the author says…”I live by these three principles,” and you begin to wonder if this could be the core of your next Blog for work?  I’m sure many of us have these thoughts, correct?  Well, here are the 3 principles that I believe can assist us in our communications with one another.  First, “Say YES:”  when you are asked to help with something at school, when a student asks for time to talk, and when your frazzled supervisor looks like he/she needs a little boost.  “Say YES!”  Secondly, “Make Statements.”  Be confident in your answer, and demonstrate that you have the knowledge and expertise that will assist everyone in this situation.  “Make Statements.”  Thirdly, “There are no mistakes, just opportunities!”  This is timely advice for all of us in education.  We have opportunities to build schools into great places for everyone to learn.  Our students need us to venture out and try new methods of teaching; to engage them in real world projects that capture their imagination, intellect and curiosity.  In other words, to be human with them, make mistakes into opportunities before their eyes.  Students need us to provide the optimism that they may lack in this critical society.  Many of us remember that one teacher who grabbed us, motivated us and believed in us.  Let’s be that teacher/educator.

So, Penny, where did you get these principles? Bossypants, by Tina Fey.  (Reagan Arthur Books/Little, Brown and Company, 2011)

So, “Say YES!”  “Make Statements,” and remember, “There are no mistakes, just opportunities!”

williams_Penny_WEB_1307Penny Williams
Youth Development Coordinator

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