Teachers TryScience

I cannot help but share this great STEM information from Michael Gorman. Mike is an advocate for transforming education and bringing 21st Century Skills to classrooms. He was awarded Indiana STEM Educator of the Year.  Please take a read as it discusses a great program that you can share with your STEM students!

Trying Science may be the best way for your students to understand science.  A visit to Teachers TryScience is definitely worth a try.  Teachers TryScience was developed to bring best practices in design-based learning to STEM classrooms.  In design-based learning students synthesize skills from a wide variety of disciplines as part of the learning activity.  For example, to solve a problem in environmental science, students might need to employ math, physics, chemistry and earth science concepts and skills. Design-based learning challenges students to engineer solutions through their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines.

You will discover that the over 150 lessons in Teachers TryScience are correlated to standards and curricula. Through STEM integration students benefit employing the 4 C’s (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity).  As stated on the site, the lessons found in Teachers TryScience will

  • Stimulate critical thinking
  • Apply inquiry skills
  • Incorporate mathematical and technological solutions to engineering problems;
  • Integrate science concepts from more than one science discipline
  • Recognize that more than one approach to problem solving may be valid
  • Frequently require alternative measures of assessment
  • Understand that different students approach a problem or topic from different entry points;
  • Recognize that prior knowledge determines the approach the student takes to the problem;
  • Teach that a research question sometimes simply generates many more questions

You are bound to find a lesson that will integrate into the STEM classroom while showing your students the connections found in STEM. Along with activities, the site contains  an area devoted to effective instructional strategies and tutorials. These helpful resources are linked to the lessons on the site so teachers can practice and master new instructional approaches in the classroom. Teachers TryScience is also a professional learning community. STEM educators will discover various collaboration tools to enable discussion, share effective instructional practices, and even contribute! Best of all, Teachers TryScience will give your students the opportunity to expand their STEM experiences as they TryScience!

Corcoran_Dana_WEBDana Corcoran
Science Coordinator

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