Summer Reads

Summer vacation now moves into August and I am scurrying around with additional last minute plans for summer excursions. As I plan I am also thinking about the themes and topics Mid-State RBERN will be exploring in the new academic school year. So you can imagine all the great reading I am also trying to plan into my trips to various county fairs, state parks, lakes, the upcoming State Fair and the myriad of other awesome things happening in Central New York. So where can I find books that will peak my pedagogical curiosity? Mid-State RBERN’s online lending library and OCMBOCES’s ASCD virtual library, that’s where! If you are looking for great material to read, remember that Mid-State RBERN maintains an online lending library with resources on a variety of educational topics. We can deliver resources to OCM BOCES component schools, and schools in many other BOCES. In addition, OCMBOCES maintains an awesome ASCD virtual library for component districts. Please check them out. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Rossado_Barringer_Tanya_WEBHappy Reading,
Tanya Rosado-Barringer
Mid-State RBERN Director

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