Celebrating Our Team

Our first staff meeting for this school year was held on National Talk Like a Pirate Day – Sept 19, 2014. One of the items on our agenda was to start a way within our office to celebrate and recognize each other and the work we do. So we now have a treasure basket with pieces of eight (well, Hershey nuggets wrapped in silver and gold). Our staff is invited to leave a treasure or “piece of eight” to thank, celebrate or recognize a co-worker.

I am so proud of the accomplished work that the CI&A, Literacy and Network Teams provide for OCM BOCES districts (and beyond). So this month, I am sharing abit about who we are and what we do!

The CI&A Team
2014-15 CI&A, Literacy and Network Team

Literacy Programs:

The focus of this department is to provide support and training for reading interventions.

Reading Recovery is an intense 1-1 program for first graders. We currently have a class of teachers being trained by Frances Malave. This is a year-long intensive training. Following the initial training, teachers continue to receive support through on-going sessions and site visits with coaching.

Leveled Literacy Interventions commonly referred to as LLI is another approach to support struggling readers. LLI is designed to use with small groups. There are currently instructional materials (called kits or systems) for K- 5. These systems or kits are also known by a color for each level; K= orange, 1=green, 2=blue, 3=red, 4=gold, and 5=purple. We anticipate that teal for grade 6 will be released fall of 2015. OCM BOCES offers initial training to prepare and support teachers to competently implement the systems. Once teachers complete the initial training, there is on-going training and support which includes exploring specific topics or areas of instruction more in-depth. Lisa Schlegel and Frances Malave also provide site visits with coaching as teachers implement this instructional program.

New this year for Literacy programs is Genre Study- a two day program for teachers. Genre study is also developed by Fountas and Pinnell (creators of LLI) and can be used whole class or small group for levels K-8. The sessions will assist teachers to unpack the rich accompanying resource to refine their approach to building speaking, reading and writing skills in their students through an inquiry process built around specific genres and associated characteristics.   OCM BOCES will offer this once in the fall and once in the spring.

Network Team:

Twenty of the 23 component school districts within OCM BOCES selected to combine their Race to the Top funds and fund a collaborative approach to supporting the Race to the Top Reform Agenda in New York State.   As such, districts can send participants to regional events sponsored by the Network Team, have teacher trainers work directly in their district on custom work for three days and receive technical assistance regarding Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS), Data Driven Inquiry (and approaches to a balanced assessment system), teacher and administrator evaluation or APPR, and building a culture for school improvement. The network team looks at the work through three avenues: CCLS which guides a guaranteed and viable curriculum, data driven process with a balanced assessment system and instructional practice towards continuous improvement. The end goal is for students to be college, career and citizenship ready. Currently, Jeff Craig, Lynn Radicello, Catie Reeve, Randi Downs, Joanne Keim, Anne Marie Voutsinas, and Jack McLoughlin work in this area.

Curriculum , Instruction and Assessment (CI&A):

Districts can access supports through two ways for CI&A. One way is through regional events. Regional events are offered according to needs expressed by districts and at no cost for component districts. The second way is through included days. Included days are customized on-site days. Districts use these days for a training specific for them, facilitated planning or groups, research projects, curriculum and/or assessment writing and increasingly for coaching days. The coaching days provide job embedded support for implementation of instructional practices. Some of the major themes or topics offered this year include:

  • Project Based Learning (PBL)- Joanne Keim, Patrick Shaw, Denise Pawlewicz, Randi Downs
  • Professional Learning Communities- Joanne Keim, Catie Reeve, Denise Pawlesicz, Lynn Radicello
  • Responsive Classroom– Patrick Shaw
  • Mentoring – Lynn Radicello, Randi Downs
  • Standards Based Planning- Lynn Radicello, Lisa Schlegel, Catie Reeve, Randi Downs
  • Scaffolding for Student Learning-Lynn Radicello, Lisa Schlegel, Catie Reeve
  • Social Studies and New Framework- Jenny Fanelli
  • Literacy in Academic Disciplines- Jenny Fanelli, Lisa Schlegel, Randi Downs, Catie Reeve, Anne Marie Voutsinas, Joanne Kiem
  • Teaching Students from Poverty-Jenny Fanelli, Lynn Radicello, Lisa Schlegel
  • Teaching is the Core: Assessment Design- Lynn Radicello, Denise Pawlewicz, Randi Downs, Catie Reeve, Lisa Schlegel

Kate Walters, Terri Hewitt, and Kris Kratz all provide essential support functions for this team of staff developers and teacher trainers.

And if anyone would like to send a piece of eight to a member of this team—just drop me a line and I will get recognition to them!

Until next time….

Radicello_Lynn_WEBLynn “Argg” Radicello


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