Hibernation is Not an Option

Image: Rob Swystun

We are all now in the deep throes of cold and snow…winter is upon us with no signs of letting up in the near future. A time when many of us want to hibernate. Keeping kids, and ourselves, active despite the weather can be challenging. Active recess in schools is important regardless of the weather, and there are many ways to make sure that recess stays active all year long.

Children benefit from vigorous activity and fresh air, and should be given the opportunity for outdoor recess as much as possible.   Schools have different policies regarding outdoor recess based on the weather, so it’s important to know what the policies are. Letting parents know so they can prepare students with proper clothes is key. There are plenty of things kids can do safely on winter days.

On days when outdoor recess isn’t an option you need to get creative to keep kids active while indoors. Space is usually one of the limiting factors. You can turn many spaces into activity zones with some planning. Playworks has some great ideas for active indoor recess using anywhere from the gym and cafeteria to classrooms or even hallways. Providing opportunities for students to be active regardless of the weather can help kids stay healthy and be better learners.

Shanhan_Kari_WEBKari Shanahan




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