Taking a Moment

It’s hard to be excited when your alarm buzzes at 5:30 in the morning, signaling time to rise and shine and lace up my sneakers for my daily run (well almost daily). Lying in bed for another few minutes I convince myself that running is good for me, that I enjoy it and other distorted stories I tell myself to motivate me enough to get out the door. Initially presenting as a lost cast member from the Walking Dead set, my body eventually acquiesces and I slowly transform into a runner, albeit a slow one with lackluster endurance and stamina. Eventually shedding the zombie skin I break into my running stride and I’m off, and so are my thoughts…

Smelling freshly cut grass, feeling the warm breeze and the sun shine softly down on me, I take a moment to mentally pause and take in the signs of the change in season and remind myself of how grateful I should be for all that I am and all that I have accomplished this year. This led me to thinking about my colleagues and other educators whom I have had the pleasure of working with thus far in my career (and those I’m yet to meet) and how so often crises, paperwork and teacher evaluation “stuff” make it difficult to celebrate all of the successes we have experienced this year. It’s so very important, albeit difficult to concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives.

I for one will be celebrating the end of my Teacher Leadership program, the completion of my CAS in Educational Leadership from Le Moyne, a six month internship with BOCES and my eighth year in education (with many more to go!). For some it may be witnessing a student walking across the stage who was believed to have little to no chance in accomplishing this feat. For others it may have been forging a truly meaningful relationship with a difficult child that initially seemed impossible. Perhaps it was a simple act of gratitude from a parent expressing their thanks for everything you’ve done for their child. Or maybe it was some positive feedback from your supervisor acknowledging all that you do in your role. Whatever capacity it is presented in, take a moment to soak it in, celebrate the year and all that you do in your job for kids. As you bask in the warm sunlight, enjoying a well-deserved break from it all, give yourself a proverbial pat on the back and remember why you started, why you continue and all the lives that are yet to be positively impacted by all that you do. Many thanks!

On a quick side note, thank you to everyone who has read and supported my blogging adventures these past six months. Your warm words and encouragement regarding the pieces I have written have been appreciated and invigorating! This is my final installment and a job detail that will be sorely missed. I am beyond grateful for this experience!

McClowry_Vanessa_WEBVanessa McClowry

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