There’s always time for learning!

I can’t believe the end of summer vacation is here! But the end of summer doesn’t mean finding ways to better my teaching is over! To re-energize my teaching, I revisit my favorite professional blog posts. They are informative and thought provoking! It’s still the ideal time to prepare for the new school year.

I read blogs for perceptive insights, practical strategies, and innovative ways to inspire best teaching. I share with you the following OCM posts as some of my favorites that spark my thinking to refuel my teaching and learning:


If reconceptualizing how we promote student thinking is pertinent, then you must read
Who’s Doing the Thinking?  

If engaging students and encouraging them to take risks as a learner is something you value and seek for more information, then you’ll enjoy what this post has to offer
Engaging Students with a Balance between Support and Challenge

If the concept of student engagement is not clearly understood, have a look at this post! It explores authentic engagement, going beyond compliance. It’s titled,
Clarity and Relevance

Summer vacation for most of us is almost over, but I encourage you to use the few days that are left to reboot your knowledge, revisit key concepts, and reflect on your teaching to deliver effective instruction.

Frances Malave

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