Dear Educators of English Language Learners…

Mid-State RBE-RN (Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network) welcomes you to the 2015-2016 school year. Mid-State RBE-RN serves and assists key stakeholders in each of our 126 districts and nine BOCES to build, support and advance all English Language Learners/Multilingual Learners in achieving at the highest level by providing tools, resources, high quality, targeted professional development, and technical assistance. This support and guidance helps districts to create educational environments for ELLs/MLLs that are rigorous and engaging in all modalities; empowering by leveraging and celebrating cultural diversity and language; and meaningful and relevant for ELLs/MLLs to become skilled, bi-and multi-lingual global citizens.

It is exciting times in the ESOL world in New York State. Full implementation of NYSED Commissioner’s Regulations Part 154 is in effect and will reshape how districts meet the needs of their ELLs/MLLs and their families. For example, districts’ programming, monitoring and level of support to ensure the academic progress and language development of their ELLs/MLLs in Central New York will all be impacted. There are significant changes happening and districts will have to engage in dialogues with all stakeholders to ensure that all ELLs/MLLs’ needs are being met even districts currently with no ELLs. Please remember that Mid-State RBERN’s staff will be available to provide assistance and guidance during this transition.

Mid-State RBERN’s staff includes experienced resource specialists such as Sally Doran, who has provided quality workshops and technical assistance in our region for over a decade. In addition, she is the lead resource specialist for the Greater Syracuse area and will provide additional support to the Southern Tier region. Collette Richmond, who joined the Mid-State RBERN family over a year ago, will serve as the lead in Northern NY area of the Mid-State Region. Mid-State would not run as smoothly without the business genius and organization of Cindy Seeley, our office manager. Finally, I am pleased to introduce two new members of our team: Mandi Sanchez, an 11 year veteran in ESOL and Elementary Education, will serve as lead in the Central Mid-State Region and Randy Soderman, a 35+ year veteran with extensive instructional and administrative experience in Bilingual Education and ESOL, will serve as the lead in the Southern Tier Region and will provide additional support in other parts of the Mid-State region.

One final note: We would like to send best wishes to one of Mid-State RBE-RN’s resource specialists, Lisa Pye, who will be leaving the RBERN family to explore other professional endeavors and to complete her dissertation at Syracuse University. She has served Mid-State RBERN for over three years and we thank her for her service in supporting our region’s ELLs/MLLs. Good luck!

On behalf of Sally, Collette, Mandi and Randy, and me, we wish you a happy, healthy and safe school year!

Rossado_Barringer_Tanya_WEBTanya Rosado-Barringer
Mid-State RBERN

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