Quotes to Ponder Further

Last month was one of the highlights of the year: PBLNY-15. The speakers were enthusiastic and provided us with information, theories, research, and experiences to stimulate our thinking- as well as providing inspiration!  Throughout the three days I collected quotes to think further about or to share. Here is a sampling.

Sam Seidel

  • “How can we keep all students alive, engaged and empower them as change makers?”
  • “What is your driving question?” (as an educator)
  • “PBL=Practice Before Life”
  • “PBL=Platform to Build Legacy”
  • “PBL=Prevent Boring Lessons”
  • “PBL=Prepare Bold Leaders”

Tony Wagner

  • “The world doesn’t care how much you know, it matters what we do with what we know”

Kippy Smith

  • “Every student deserves access to rigorous text and learning”
  • “Rigor and joy of learning are not dichotomous”
  • “Attributes of high quality work: complexity, craftsmanship, and authenticity”

Stacia Snow

  • “Watson on Jeopardy was a turning point, we need to redefine smart”
  • “Within PBL we, as educators, are not giving up the reins but carefully constructing learning experiences”
  • “As a teacher, need to trust that people can learn”
  • “Know when to get out of the way”

Sarah Brown Wessling

  • “Teaching is not a paint by number”
  • “Teaching is about collecting strategy but to become strategic (purpose rather than task)”
  • “Somebody has to go first”
  • “Let go to get more”


Michael Gorman

  • “Stop looking for magic bullet”

Milton Chen

  • “There is not an achievement gap but an experience gap”
  • “Learning- any time, any place, any path, any pace”
  • “Question to consider- Do the children run in at the same rate they run out?”


And as we were departing the final afternoon, I overheard this comment:   “I am glad PLBNY is over because it was an intensive three days but I am also sad it is over because I want to come back and learn more.”   I don’t know the teacher who expressed this but I believe she summed up the experience perfectly!

Throughout the year, our team at OCM BOCES will continue our learning, our teaching, our coaching- we look forward to partnering with you!


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