School Counseling Days

I remember bus arguments, sticky fingers plastered on my door knob, tears flowing as stories of fear and failure tumbled out. I remember defiant teenagers refusing to cooperate with “the plan.” I also remember smiling with students as they told their stories of accomplishments, “high fiving” elementary students when they earned their good behavior award and laughing when the student told a funny story.

What a privilege to have these memories. As school counselors, we get to see the highs and lows in students’ lives. We are honored with their trust and do all we can to keep our schedules free from the minutia that can so overwhelm us.

However, we can be blown off course by too many meetings, paperwork that piles up and staff issues that can pull us in many directions. Our “schedule” is thrown out to respond to the urgent requests that dominate the days. Questions arise…”Am I making a difference in students’ lives? Does what I do matter? How do I know?”

I know that developing a great plan can help us provide excellence to our students. The American School Counseling Association has a model for school counseling that can make sure that we are putting first things first, the students. I challenge you, school counselor, to read about this plan on our website and commit to developing a school counseling plan that will be based on data and be student focused. This is the year where you will make a great impact for students and for their future!

williams_Penny_WEB_1307Penny Williams
Youth Development Coordinator

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