Literacy Intervention Progress Monitoring Update

Monthly data collected from Literacy Intervention Teachers showed children already reading on grade level, and they are only halfway through their program!  From these shared results, one can infer that Literacy Intervention Teachers gave students plenty of successful learning opportunities within each and every lesson.

A few highlights:

  • Mrs. Silver’s student, Ava entered her program reading at a Pre A text level, and data reported for this student shows accelerated progress, she’s reading on grade level in just ten weeks of receiving 1:1 instruction.
  • Mrs. V. recorded a similar progression for her student, Matthew.  He began reading text level A books. In just ten weeks, progress monitoring data submitted shows him reading at a level G.
  • Charles is also a success story.  His beginning reading level was a text level A and in a short amount of time, he is successfully reading a text level F.

These are only a few successful highlights represented throughout OCM BOCES region.

Leading up to ten weeks, intervention teachers participated in several ongoing professional development sessions.  All sessions explored the mission of our literacy work:  how to deliver effective instruction so that students are efficient, flexible, and integrated when problem solving every time they read and write.

Every session, intervention teachers gathered closely in front of a one-way mirror to observe two live lessons.  They collaborated, pooled their knowledge, and identified evidence regarding our literacy mission.  The moment-by-moment teaching and learning supported discussions amongst the literacy intervention teachers and thus, further learning occurred.  The chains of talk and the strategic prompting from teacher leader to reach deeper levels of understanding allowed literacy intervention teachers to sharpen, adjust, and learn more about how to effectively teach literacy instruction.

Congratulations to all for delivering effective instruction!

Note: In order to protect the participants’ anonymity and for confidentiality purposes, all names used throughout this blog post have been changed to pseudonyms.

Is your data reflecting an increase in student growth?  If not, what actions might you have to take to help facilitate change?

Malave_Francis_150pxFrances Malave

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