For some of us, the summer is a time to re-group, re-fresh and re-energize from a school year filled with many demands. Time with family and friends dominate the hours and before you know it, you are preparing for another school year without experiencing any of the refreshment that you longed for. So, before the time gets away from you, take   a   deep breath, notice the beauty around you and be grateful for this moment. Be mindful of the sights and sounds around you and cherish them. The demanding child who is screaming for lunch, the soccer playing adolescent who is glued to the phone and the elderly parent who is wondering when you will come again to visit…they are all part of this current reality. Be grateful that you can sense all of this and interact with this wonderful world/mess.

So, educators, what are you doing this summer vacation to re-group, re-fresh, and re-energize? Let’s hear your stories so that we can all benefit from your experiences.

williams_Penny_WEB_1307Penny Williams

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