What does the word fail mean to you?

Do you perceive it to be a negative or a positive event? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines failing as “a weakness or problem in a person’s character, behavior, or ability.” Wow, this sure seems like a negative connotation! Should it be? Or should we look at unsuccessful attempts as: opportunities, second chances, and important life lessons that are needed to develop perseverance?

Lucky for us that Thomas Edison didn’t believe in failure. When asked about his 10,000 failed attempts to create the light bulb he responded, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Students attending OCM BOCES Regional Summer School (RSS) are given an opportunity to make it “work.” RSS teachers believe that all students can succeed unlike Edison’s teachers who were quoted as saying he was, “too stupid to learn anything.” This summer RSS has four RSS locations and 278 staff members nurturing over 2200 students; helping them to be successful.

The next time you attempt something and don’t achieve positive results, how will you think of your attempt?

Pamela Dowse
Educational Programs

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