OCM BOCES Summer School

This year the focus of OCM BOCES Regional Summer School (RSS) was on student achievement.  For the first time, teachers of courses that end in a Regents exam, were required to administer pre-assessments to their students.  Pre-assessments demonstrate what students know, understand and are able to do. This newly implemented protocol is an essential component of RSS given the limited instructional time frame.  The practice identifies the students’ strengths and stretches.  Pre-assessments enable the teacher to focus instruction on the content and skills needed by their students; instructional time is not squandered teaching things student already comprehend. Continue reading

How an ENL Teacher Prepares for the New School Year

Kelly O’Connor, ENL Teacher

As the summer winds down and students are getting their school supplies ready, ENL teachers have many duties that require extensive preparation even before the school year starts! This month we interviewed Kelly O’Connor, Elementary ENL teacher at Marcellus CSD, who discussed some of her special plans for making the fall of 2017 successful for English Language Learners.

Q. Please tell me about your background and what led you to become an ENL teacher? Continue reading