Adults Need Closure Too

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of the school year already. And, just like with student learning, closing the learning journey with adults is important. If you are like me, I am trying to find a ways to have closure with my coachees for the school year. Here are some activities you might ask your coachee to complete in order to wrap up the school year: Continue reading

Laying a Foundation of Trust

Last spring, I had the opportunity to go to Oakland, California to attend Elena Aguilar’s training, “The Art of Coaching Teams.” We were in a beautiful, peaceful setting and the days were filled with opportunities to collaborate with others and reflect on our roles as instructional coaches. I left the training with a sense of goodness, hope and optimism about the work that we do. Continue reading

Why Instructional Coaching?

Many educators may not know that OCM BOCES offers instructional coaching support through two pathways: networking and capacity building to district based instructional coaches through an instructional coaches collaborative and directly supplying coaching experiences through Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (CI&A) department. Why do we offer the dual approach? It is because research shows us that too often in education there is a knowing and doing gap. Educators may read research, learn techniques, discuss instructional design and delivery yet implementation is not always consistent. In fact, as with any new learning or adaptation, it is easy to revert to the known when time is short, challenges emerge, exhaustion sets in or colleagues go a different path. Further research indicates that coaching support can help to off-set the knowing-doing gap. Actually, we have known this for over 15 years as research from Bruce Joyce and Beverly Showers in 2002 indicates professional development design has five primary delivery approaches: Continue reading