Let your voice be heard – Complete the draft NYSSLS survey

The draft New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS), were released for public review, on November 19, 2015. A survey to collect feedback on the draft NYSSLS is open until February 5, 2016. It has been approximately 20 years since we have had the opportunity to welcome new science standards. The adoption of new science standards to incorporate the most recent research related to how students learn science and prepare students for their future is overdue. The opportunity new science standards provide occurs infrequently. We need to maximize this opportunity by taking the time to understand the draft NYSSLS and respond to the survey.

The OCM BOCES Center for Innovative Science Education has developed a resources page to support Continue reading

Crosscutting Concepts: The Unifying, Pervasive, and Powerful Concepts in Science

There exists unifying, pervasive, and powerful concepts that provide coherence as well as deep conceptual understanding across all disciplines of science. These concepts are not new; they have always existed and been fundamental aspects of science. From time to time these concepts have also been present in K-12 science learning experience. A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas (NRC, 2012) names these crosscutting concepts and identifies their importance in K-12 education. Thus, crosscutting concepts are one of the three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) (Lead States, 2013). This explicit identification and inclusion of crosscutting concepts is one of the many aspects that make the NGSS substantially different from our current standards. Cross cutting concepts will also be one of the three dimensions in the New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS) that are expected to be released in draft form in the near future. Continue reading


Science StandardsSince missing out on attending NSTA this year, I have done as much reading about the event as I possibly could. I read live twitter feeds as much as I could, I really enjoyed hearing what everyone had to say about the event. I have listened to archived webinars with presentations all surrounding the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) . In what looked like a packed session during the conference, a professor who helped lead the development of the Next Generation Science Standards, described the new standards as “a shift from learning about something to figuring out something.” Continue reading


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With so much discussion surrounding the NGSS and what is will look like in NYS, I have been doing a lot of investigating to see what other have to say about these impending changes. I came across a fantastic blog that is definitely worth sharing which focuses on the engineering component of the standards, as well as the creativity piece. The title is, “Creativity: An Engineering Habit of Mind“, by Cynthia Berger. Certainly worth the read!

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New York State Science Learning Standards

ScienceClassIt seems as though NYS has come to a decision (of sorts!) regarding the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We have been waiting for some time for an answer regarding what was happening with this process.   New York State NY State is looking at “adapting”, not just adopting the NGSS. They would then be called the New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS). It seems that the elementary science standards would not vary too greatly than the Next Generation Science Standards. The Board of Regents has approved a Strategic Plan which explains very thoroughly what is happening. This plan is definitely worth a read! Continue reading

Next Generation Science Standards

I felt it was important this month to focus my blog on what is currently happening in NYS with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). A draft Statewide Strategic Plan for Science has been collaboratively developed by the New York State Education Department, members of the SocialClassroomScience Content Advisory Panel, the Statewide Leadership Team (Science), and representatives of the NYS Science Education Consortium to guide a comprehensive approach toward improving P-12 science education statewide, while specifically addressing a mission and vision that incorporate six critical components simultaneously – Standards, Curriculum, Professional Development to Enhance Instruction, Assessment, Materials and Resource Support, and Administrative and Community Support.  Continue reading

NYS and NGSS: The Saga Continues …

NGSS-LogoIn a memo sent out last week by the NYS Board of Regents, it was discussed that NY would not be adopting the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), but we will be re-writing our own State standards to incorporate some of the best ideas from the NGSS. Here is a quote from the recommendations:

“It is also recommended that the Board authorize Department staff to move forward with a process to update and develop New York State science learning standards that unify the existing New York State Science Learning Standards and the NGSS, as appropriate, and propose these new science learning standards for adoption in January 2016” (p. 5).

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